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Most of the sequence conservation is centred on the hydrophobic cores that support these predicted strands. The predicted secondary-structure elements and the size of the conserved core of the domain suggests that it may form a beta- sandwich fold with the strands arranged in two beta sheets stacked on each other [ PMID: ].

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Some proteins known to contain a GOLD domain are listed below: Eukaryotic proteins of the p24 family. Animal Seclike proteins.

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They are involved in secretion. Human Golgi resident protein GCP It interacts with the Golgi integral membrane protein Giantin. US domain name is short, professional and memorable.

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The p24 proteins form hetero-oligomeric complexes and are believed to function as receptors for specific secretory cargo. Trustee service is non-transferable. Prospectors go out looking for the rich veins of gold to turn into gold mines. Starting Free Email Forwarding Once you enable this feature, you will be able to redirect received email messages to an existing and valid email address of your choice ie: admin mycompany. Now, you can have domain investors that get in there and do both prospecting and mining.

It gives citizens, businesses, organizations and government Generic Top-Level Domain. Country-Code Top-Level Domain. Anyone person or entity can be a registrant of GOLD domain.

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Q: Is there any specific conditions for this domain registration? There are no special requirements to register GOLD domain.

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Q: How long does it take to register a domain name? Domain registration time is generally Instant after payment. Q: Where do I host my newly registered domain?

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You could host your new domain with us or with any web hosting provider of your choice. We try to renew your domain automatically.

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To check your current domains, there expiration dates and prices, please login to your BWA account. Q: After I register domain name, can I change it later? This is not possible, as the registries do not allow for names to be changed after purchase. Q: How to change whois info?

The GOLD domain, a novel protein module involved in Golgi function and secretion

Please login to you BWA account and use cPanel or contact web admin. You you could transfer any extension to or from us.

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Any domain registration comes with rights to the name you purchase such as businesswebadmin. Please login to your BWA account.

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There you could see all registered domains and mange there DNS proprieties. For enterprise DNS service, please contact web admin. Q: Will I receive a renewal notice when my registration close to expire?