The Plan of Your Life: Managing What Matters Most

Be more productive in work and life.
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Estate Planning I do not have an estate plan. Does that matter? Can you help me put an estate plan in place? Do I need a trust? What Kind? Who should I appoint to be my trustee? What other documents might I need? How can I eliminate my estate tax burden? Charitable Giving How much can I give to charity? How much should I give?

I cannot keep track of my charitable giving. What is the most effective way to make charitable gifts? Does it make sense for me to set up a foundation? How do I involve the next generation in charitable giving? How do I find organizations that are worthy of my support? Can you help me?

Dr Paul Enenche-What Matters the Most In Life

How much will I need in order to retire? When should I start saving for retirement?

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When should I start taking my social security benefit? Which assets should I draw on first? I am worried about outliving my assets.

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What should I do? Planning For Retirement. Financial Planning. Can I help my grandchildren with their education expenses?

Focus On Your Needs

Charitable Giving. How much can I give to charity? Estate Planning.

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I do not have an estate plan. Investment Advice. I want to take risk, but not lose sleep.

Tax Planning. Do you prepare tax returns? We have been helping our clients navigate the risks, challenges and opportunities of the financial world for over 50 years. As your advisor, we are more concerned with how we can help than with how much you have. We make sure your assets are properly invested to help you reach your goals.

Trusts are at the core of what we do. The majority of the assets we manage are held in trust, where in many cases we serve as an independent trustee. We also offer trust accounting and tax preparation including principal and income accounting, distributions, estimated tax payments, and K-1 reporting. From real estate to retirement, it has never been more important to take a comprehensive, custom approach to your financial situation. The problem is that even if you master the art of time management , you can still find yourself overworked.

Time Management: Tips To Better Manage Your Life

Your life seems to be one sometimes meaningless task after another. You spend your days sacrificing your sanity for a neatly crossed off to-do list. You have a more powerful option. Maximizing your time is about getting the most out of your time so you can do more with less.

Lifelong learning constraints and MOOCs

Establishing a foundation can be a great way to build a long lasting legacy and involve the next generation in philanthropy. We also help to determine if a stock gift, direct tuition, help via a loan, or other avenues are the best fit. Tax Planning Do you prepare tax returns? If you arrive home still mulling problems at work or the driver who cut you off on the highway, pause before you walk in the door. Wealth Planning.

Following are three time maximizing techniques that can help. You stop taking every e-mail, phone call, meeting, and problem as it comes up, and instead you start scheduling things in a way that makes sense. Going to the calendar means literally opening up your calendar, turning on the PDA, getting out your schedule, and physically putting into place a written, concrete plan to use every hour in the most productive way.

The key to making this work is to start with a blank calendar and address the tasks, projects, or activities that matter most to you first, before you take those calls and e-mails. Then you can see where the other tasks can go in your calendar. Remember, just as you can control your time, you can also control your calendar. Strategy 2: The 5 Ds Whenever your time is being eaten up by a stack of e-mails, a stack of paper, a stack of voice mail messages, or just stacks and stacks of work, the 5 Ds work especially well. You will drastically cut the time you need to get through the stack, and you can then get to the other high-impact activities that make the best use of your time.

The 5 Ds stand for:. The 5 Ds will save you time, and potentially a lot of it. Before you fill up that time with more meaningless tasks, give some thought to the most powerful way you can use the time you save. The good news is that some employers have learned that people perform better in their jobs when they are doing what they believe matters to the world in some way and they have a hand in figuring out how to get it done.

These words are so easy for an old geezer to say, but so hard for most people to enact. My research shows, however, that there are a few simple principles that can help. More good news: Anyone can get better at bringing these principles to life and so perform better in all parts of their lives. You just have to make the effort to learn and then enlist others to push and encourage you. These are hard times. As we in the U.