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go to link Tony believes that building upon the strengths of these communities and the shared values of all Wisconsinites, we can collectively address the existing disparities in poverty, unemployment, incarceration rates, graduation rates and infant mortality that have disproportionately impacted communities of color and in particular the African American community. Wisconsin is ranked among the worst states for the well-being of black children.

As State Superintendent, Tony has worked to make every child a graduate and address the racial disparities and inequities in our schools, but Wisconsin needs all its leaders committed to this work. We need to make investments in local neighborhoods and ensure government decision-makers, corporate leaders, and educators reflect the growing diversity of our state. We must address the grievous problems in corrections system, expand alternatives to incarceration and reform the criminal justice system — especially for juveniles.

We should empower local communities and ensure our workforce — from classroom educators to local law enforcement to health care providers — is more diverse and reflects our changing communities. Tony will use all resources at his disposal to ensure equality, opportunity, justice and fairness to all Wisconsinites.

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According to The Sentencing Project, African Americans are more than five times more likely than whites to be imprisoned. However, here in Wisconsin, that ratio is doubled From education to health care to criminal justice — bold reforms must be made. The fact that Wisconsin spends more on Corrections than the entire UW System speaks volumes about our priorities as a state. There are a number of policies that we as a state must change. Wisconsin should be following the lead of states like Oregon that have automatic voter registration for their residents.

As Governor, Tony will work to make sure every single vote counts and increase opportunities for all Wisconsinites to participate in our democracy. The health decisions that a woman makes should reside with her, her family and her physician — not the politicians who represent her. These are individual choices that we should trust women to make.

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Tony believes that all Wisconsinites should be able to marry who they love — plain and simple. Our work is not done. Tony is a strong ally who will continue to fight back against clandestine legislation that discriminates against LGBTQ people. This ends in an Evers Administration. Tony is committed to filling his appointments with people who actually have expertise and knowledge in their respective fields, not simply filling government with more political hacks who will rubberstamp his policies. He also would support repealing legislation that eliminates the opportunity for local communities to pass living wages and other pro-worker protection policies.

In , voters in 13 Wisconsin counties and cities had the opportunity to vote on a referendum asking lawmakers to raise the minimum wage.

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As a cancer survivor himself, Tony is all too familiar with the side effects of a major illness that can make everyday tasks, like making your bed or even showering, a challenge. This is an evolving issue.

There’s A Christian Alternative To Health Insurance, But It's Not For Everyone

For many Wisconsinites, medical marijuana will alleviate chronic pain, which is why organizations like the American Legion support legalization because of the documented health benefits for our veterans. The fact remains that states that have legalized medical marijuana have observed double digit decreases in both opioid abuse and overdose related hospitalizations.

Tony would support and sign medical marijuana legalization legislation. In regard to full legalization — Tony believes this is a decision that should reside with Wisconsin residents and would support a statewide referendum on the issue. Tony is strongly in-favor of non-partisan redistricting reform. Politicians should not be picking their constituents; the people should be choosing their elected officials. Our elections should not be awarded to the highest bidder. The farms and forests of rural Wisconsin are a core part of our identity. The prosperity of rural Wisconsin is directly tied to the health of agriculture and working forests and the dollars they circulate in local economies.

When farm families suffer, our rural communities also suffer. From to more than thirty of our rural counties lost population — the highest trend of population loss in decades.

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Wisconsin is now losing more than one dairy farm every day. In parts of Wisconsin, the rate of farm bankruptcies is the highest in the nation. Rural schools are on the brink of closing and suffering from woefully inadequate funding. And far too many communities still lack broadband internet, which limits economic development and education opportunities just as much as the lack of electricity did in rural areas one hundred years ago. Tony Evers has seen first-hand the impacts of failure to invest in rural communities in every part of Wisconsin.

And he knows how important it is to restore healthy, vibrant rural communities, not just in our cities but in every part of Wisconsin. To keep our farm economy strong, Wisconsin needs to re-invest in diversified agriculture, value added farm products and food processing, and farm product marketing.


Health Insurance Plans and Prices for Wisconsin Men (Wisconsin Health Care Book 2) eBook: Aaron Gregory: Kindle Store. This article explains the costs of health care plans offered under the 2. Whether You Qualify for a Subsidy. Depending on your income and the size of The Affordable Care Act allows insurance companies to charge people who Learn which Wisconsin residents must have health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Our farms and working lands should be producing the energy to power our state. We need to restore incentives and policies to produce more solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energies here in rural Wisconsin. Wisconsin citizens pay some of the highest rates in the nation for electricity.

We can become more energy independent, and keep more of our energy dollars here at home by producing our own renewable energy — generating year-round income to help diversify operations for farms of all sizes. Wisconsin farmers are in a crisis as prices within the farm economy have been below production costs for more than three years. While Together with CCHP sustained revenue declines, the insurance unit also reduced its expenses by a similar dollar amount. The biggest exit was California-based Molina Healthcare , which held the largest market share in southeast Wisconsin in at nearly 54, lives covered.

Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. Email Share Share Tweet. Jun 4, , pm CDT. Related Content. More competition, rate reductions for Wisconsin's ACA marketplace.