How to Make Money From Student Property: Investing in student buy-to-let

At 20, am I too young to invest in buy-to-let property?
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You can read where they think the best areas to invest in property in the UK in here. Achieving a good rental yield is a fine balancing act. For example, in London house prices are high so the average rental yield is around 4. Compare that with the North West where property is typically cheaper and you are looking at returns of 6. According to LendInvest, other areas that investors can expect a high yield include Peterborough, Stevenage and Rochester.

This leads us perfectly to our next point, which can have a knock-on effect with regards to how much rent per calendar month you can charge tenants. Investing in property in an area experiencing regeneration has many benefits, and one if which is that property prices are still reasonable but are predicted to increase in value once the regeneration is complete. This allows investors to either increase rent after a set period which has a knock-on effect on the annual rental yield, but it also means that they can sell on the property at a higher price, resulting in good capital uplift.

The benefit of investing in an up-and-coming area is the increase in demand from young professionals, looking to move to the area in pursuit of fresh opportunities and jobs. They have all experienced regeneration and gentrification too, due to young professionals being priced out of the more expensive Shoreditch area.

Beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings capture the hearts of most people. However, they are more likely to need significant repair work and care to make them attractive to the rental market.

The cost that goes into renovating the development could seriously deplete profit margins, and may mean that the landlord will have to check up on the property and make improvements more often than with a new build. One Touch Property can help you take a decision on what would work best for your financial expectations.

Our investment consultants are always on hand to support and provide guidance to potential investors. Interested in investment property news? Sign up to our newsletter and keep up to date on the latest property news and investment opportunities.

How wise is investing in student accommodation?

Please complete all fields. How to make money from buy to let property.

Student houses

The search for buy-to-let returns: How to invest in student property it is still possible to make an investment in UK property profitable - you just. Buy Investing in Student Buy-to-Let: How to Make Money from Student Accommodation by Ajay Ahuja (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

Can investors still make money from buy to let property investing with all the restrictions that have been placed on the industry? Research the most suitable areas for the asset class The best areas for investment can be dependent upon the type of property you are wanting to purchase. Make sure you do your own due diligence in your particular city, so that you are fully aware of all your costs and responsibilities in advance. Where do the students want to live? Many students rely heavily on walking, biking or public transportation so the closer to the University or College, the better.

A list of every property investment strategy out there (with pros and cons)

You have to find out where students want to live, and if there is a need for more housing in that area. Best place to start your research is the schools off campus housing office. They should be able to give you a variety of information including where people want to live and also typical rents.

Ideally, your opportunity will be in finding out if there is a shortage of housing on campus or near campus and then determining what you need to do to fill that void. My favourite strategy is to take a walk. I walk from the school and look at the housing within a 15 min walk or less.

Know your area and your tenant

That allows me to focus in on the best options. Students will take the bus if necessary and a lot of universities include public transit in the tuition fees but I find the closer I can be to the University, the more rent I can charge and the more demand I will have.

Watch in your area — usually the houses closest to the school will be the first to be rented. You can actually see the university from one of my houses and the kids love that. Managing your own student rental takes a lot of your time.

If you have to add a lot of travel time to get there from where you live then you can expect this to become a part time side job. In addition to that there will be regular calls from the students, for many small things that come up including inter house politics! Then there are the time intensive periods of the year when you are showing the house to groups, collecting deposits and signing the lease.

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I think of a good property manager as someone who can create a protective forcefield between you and the tenants, whilst still keeping you in the loop when necessary. Do they currently deal with Student housing?

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If so get some references, student rentals are more time intensive and higher maintenance for a PM. Understand and set an expected response time.

Get in touch

When you evaluate and sign the SLA service level agreement set expectations accordingly with the students. Also understand how the property manager prefers to communicate with the tenants. Do they prefer a phone call, email or text? Students tend to prefer to be able to text so having a property manager that is ok communicating that way — or has a way to receive texts — will be important. Lastly maintain regular communication with your PM. Investing in student rentals is more hands on than other strategies so stay in touch and be proactive.

Add to that, there are lots of extra people in the house. Students need to know when garbage collection days are and where to put the garbage.