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He remained there during baseball off-seasons and after his playing career ended until he passed away from cancer in The house he was born in remains occupied by descendants of the family. Located in east central Texas, Bryan was a town of about 4, residents when Hudson was born. Jonathan Papelbon has spent the last six years doing one thing and doing it well. Closing games. For the Red Sox, Papelbon saved games in chances. Consider it even more remarkable that he did it in the Amercan League East 44 saves against Yankees and Rays.

However, I and many others feel that the closer needed a change of scenery and in he will open the season closing for the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies present a great opprotunity for Papelbon at the age of The Braves and Marlins will be a challenge for any pitcher. That means, he will see more cold bats off the bench and that is definitely an advantage for the hard throwing right hander. The year-old southpaw is coming off a career-low 3. He'll be arbitration-eligible for the final time next offseason.

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Brennan's Top Mets Prospects 1. IF Ronnie Mauricio 2. IF Andres Gimenez 4. IF Mark Vientos 8. There are so many people I need to thank that worked tirelessly with me on this, and several others who made substantial behind the scenes contributions. But let me begin by thanking Michael G. Of course, my partner and my best friend Kelly Horn gets a world of thanks for the amazing graphics you will find inside the issue as well as the eye-popping cover that completely wowed our partners at USA Today and our Publisher, Movable Type Management.

But that lineup is going to give everybody some problems. They all looked good in their most recent series versus the Mets, none of which the Mets won. They each deserve to be respected. No point fearing any of them. Mets are just as good, need to make less mistakes.

Every NL East contender has flaws, the Mets included. To answer your question, I think Philadelphia poses the biggest threat in the division. They have the most talent in their rotation and their lineup. When it comes to the Phillies and Braves, there is not enough pitching. Surprisingly, the Phillies may be the team which scares me the least because seeing them, you see a heavily flawed team with big personalities Bryce Harper , Jake Arrieta , Jean Segura who could tear that clubhouse apart, especially with an overmatched manager like Gabe Kapler.

That said, unless the Mets do something about Jason Vargas and the complete lack of starting pitching depth, it may not matter. To that extent, it may be the Mets who are scariest of all. Again, thank you to all who have contributed, and once again I encourage all who read this to visit the sites of those who have contributed because they write very good and interesting things about this Mets team. With Jacob deGrom receiving his contract extension, it appears he is going to be a Mets pitcher during his prime, and it sets the stage for him to join David Wright and Ed Kranepool as Mets for life.

With that being the bulk of the list, there is a host of Mets players who got away.

The most famous of which was Tom Seaver who headlined the Midnight Massacre. Putting Seaver aside, the Mets bloggers discussed those players who got away:. Honestly in recent memory John Olerud comes to mind. He had one of the best pure swings I can remember. Other than that I guess you have to bring up Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner , but who saw those coming?

Daniel Murphy is the most recent Met to have gotten away. To me the most egregious example of a Met getting away is Justin Turner, simply by virtue of how little it would have cost to keep him. I think a dark horse candidate in this conversation, however, would be Collin McHugh , who changed his approach after joining the Astros by throwing his fastball less often and his off-speed pitches more often to much greater success than he ever had as a Met.

And now he remains a key piece in the Astros bullpen as they head into another season where they will likely make a push for the postseason. That still triggers me. Joe Hietpas! Olerud; he was a far superior player to Todd Zeile. Just look at his seasons ; think he would have helped? In my opinion, if Mets have Olerud, they win World Series. My God, remember the Zeile farewell tour? The guy he got traded away for, Mike Bordick , was a fine pickup and helped that team get over the hump, no doubt. But Mora went on to have a solid little career and Bordick was back in Baltimore via free agency the following season.


Our " Mets Annual" is finally here, and that's no joke We are very proud over what we were able to accomplish in such a limited wndow of. This Annual will feature the excellent work of over 15 of our The MMO Mets Annual will also include many great staples you would.

The Mets let year-old Paul Blair go to the Orioles in the minor league draft of Blair played 18 seasons in the majors, winning eight Gold Gloves as the premier AL center fielder of his generation. I thought Nolan Ryan was the only answer to this question, but there are some fun ones in here. Yay Mets! Far be it from me to disagree with you Pete but Ryan wanted out as much as the Mets were frustrated with him.

Scott Kazmir would like a word. There is always going to be a part of me who wonders what would have happened if the Mets kept Darryl Strawberry. He would have one good year in Los Angeles before everything fell apart for both him and the Mets. For those who forget, the Mets opted to replace him with Vince Coleman , who was detestable as a Met, and it lead to a series of poor decisions which built as bad and unlikable a Mets team as we have ever seen.

For Strawberry, his personal problems were far worse than anything the Mets encountered. Looking at everything, there are a number of mistakes like trading Jeff Kent for Carlos Baerga , but that at least indirectly led to the team signing Robin Ventura. Murphy leaving transferred the balance of power back to the Nationals. But overall, the one which comes to mind right now is Matt Harvey. For Harvey, it was more than trading him for Devin Mesoraco.

It was everything. The version looked like future Hall of Fame. The version looked like a staff ace. The ramifications of that season were far reaching, and we never saw Harvey return, literally and figuratively. Before you go away from this piece, please sure you click on the links and visit the sites of those who have taken their time to contribute to this roundtable.

Also, a very special congratulations to Pete McCarthy and his wife on the birth of their baby girl! The long winter is over and Opening Day is just three days away. During the season, we are sure to see some ups and downs, and there will be players who will surprise us over the course of the season. In this latest edition of the Mets Blogger Roundtable, we discussed which players we believe will surprise us and all of baseball during the season:.

In terms of the baseball world, I think the surprise would be Amed Rosario. He had a down season but his last two months and his spring would be great. I think around baseball, nobody is really expecting much from him but he could surprise in the way that he might live up to his potential in his second full season.

Though I think the surprise will be Noah Syndergaard. Like … Jacob deGrom type season. That would even surprise Mets fans, but I think it has a chance of happening. I totally agree on Syndergaard. Another candidate — Juan Lagares? Remember: his defense has stayed fantastic positive dWAR every year , and last season, in 30 games, he looked like a legitimate professional hitter. Think he can take another step forward and grow into more than a decent defender who bats at the bottom of the order. His strong second half last year and, for the most part, lights out spring are both very encouraging signs.

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A high threes-to-low four ERA out of your fifth starter is a great thing. Hopefully, he can find a rhythm and contribute consistently. From two sides: Robinson Cano , for having more left than we suspect. My initial instinct was to peg players like Dominic Smith and Gavin Cecchini , but ultimately, I am not sure they are going to receive sufficient enough playing time to really get a chance to surprise anyone or even establish themselves.

One player who should receive an opportunity is Luis Guillorme. Last year, he did establish himself as an adept pinch hitter, and with him being in better shape, he should play excellent defense at second, third, and short. While we may see Guillorme as a surprise, what is not a surprise is the excellent content from these bloggers.

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Please take the time to visit their sites and enjoy their excellent work. While this is the 50th Anniversary of the Miracle Mets, it is also the 20th anniversary of the Mets.

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As part of the celebration, it appears we will finally get to the Tom Seaver statute Mets fans have been clamoring for over the past decade. However, it does not appear there will be similar celebrations for the first Mets team to make consecutive postseasons this year.

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You could present the argument the Mets could do something subtle like dusting off the black jerseys and wearing them like the Mets wore the old racing stripe jerseys three years ago. Of course, the mere mention of bringing back those jerseys tends to set off a firestorm.

Mets Blogger Round Table

With that in mind, our roundtable answers the question as to whether the Mets should ever bring back the black jerseys in any way, shape, or form:. The Mets wore the 86 racing stripes in on Sundays. It would be nice to see them maybe on Friday nights. Sunday day games might be too hot for black uniforms.

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Now, as far as I can tell, assuming Jose Reyes is done, the only remaining Mets who wore the black jerseys during their original run are Jason Vargas — maybe — and Carlos Gomez — probably. I guess my point is yes, absolutely bring back the black jerseys, but also wow, what a weird, crazy world we live in.

Love the blues much better and would rather wear those on Friday nights. That said, if you want to bring the black unis back to mark an anniversary, save them until next season. A truly historic team like that deserves the entire season.

Standard Pitching

Instead, honor the team. They are probably the most underappreciated team in Mets history. I understand that the roster was essentially the same, but the team never even got so much as a congratulatory rally at Shea Stadium. A good amount of pennant winners who lost the World Series at least got that, and I think the Mets would have had that if they had lost to anybody except the Yankees.

They deserve their due. Even Armando Benitez. So I say do it next season. Greg, I thought of that too. I do like the special days one. It also requires a tacit admission that the Mets existed in years besides , and the current year. I was never a huge fan of the black jerseys but if it makes the Mets money they may bring them back. Seems like so many sports teams had a black third jersey and it kind of got played out. I dare the Mets to bring back the ice cream hats for one game in The pillbox hats from And, of course, the Mercury Mets getup from